“Bryce Dessner is a man who slips in and out of musical guises with disarming ease… this is gorgeous and full-hearted music.” – NPR

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Music For Wood & Strings

“Music for Wood and Strings” is proof that Dessner’s taste for experimentation outside indie rock is steadily becoming the more interesting side of his genre-blind personality.”
– The Washington Post

“The result is startlingly enjoyable. Dessner continuously indulges the listener, stacking his instruments’ unique timbre into appealing, consonant harmonies, and hocketing them into a elaborate rhythmic dialogues with each other.” – Q2

“The music has a folksy freshness and laid-back sparkle. But it also dissolves the division between drums and electric guitar, and slyly promotes the bassist.” – New York Times

“The most impressive feature of Music for Wood and Strings is the diverse array of emotional impulses it cohesively presents. The piece feels unified and whole, like a rug woven together from a million particolored strands of yarn.” – Consequence of Sound

St. Carolyn By The Sea

“It is glacial, patiently ecstatic… Dessner’s ear for string writing is particularly rich.” – Pitchfork

“[Dessner] has spread his wings as a classical composer.” – New York Times

“With this work, Dessner has proven himself a master of orchestral colour… its breadth and depth were palpable as full brass and percussion brought the work to its apex.” – Classical Voice America

“It is glacial, patiently ecstatic… Dessner’s ear for string writing is particularly rich.” – Pitchfork


“A gorgeous and compulsively listenable four-track album.” – Rolling Stone

“A series of captivating and compelling compositions… an excellent debut disc.” – Grammophone

“Mr. Dessner’s work begins in near-darkness and progresses to light…Kronos gave a taut performance, deeply felt.”
New York Times

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Murder Ballades

“The score has vivid instrumentation with marvelous upward string slides.”
New York Times

Black Mountain Songs

“The result is “Black Mountain Songs,” an exhilarating 90-minute staged choral work…The sheer beauty of [Brooklyn Youth Chorus’] singing was captivating.”
New York Times